8bar bikes showroom

Köpenicker Str. 100

10179 Berlin

Route: Google Maps

Opening Hours

Tue, Wed, Fri:. 12 – 18h

Thu: 12 – 20h

Sat: 10 – 16h

Showroom Manager

Carsten Lühder

+49 30 20954518

Put together a custom bike for yourself.

Rent a bike from us to ride through Berlin.

Let yourself be advised which 8bar attachment parts are best for your bike.

Treat yourself to an espresso and have a chat with our staff about the latest bike tech.

The 8bar showroom offers it all.

Since 2011 we put together custom bikes in Berlin according to the individual taste of our customers.

At our 8bar showroom you can experience our 8bar bikes yourself, touch and feel them, learn about the brand, and of course, also test ride an 8bar bike. Whether you are looking for a new fixie, a single-speed commuter, a lightweight road bike, your next cross- or gravel bike, at 8bar bikes in Berlin you’ll find it.

You are able to test ride all of our bikes in your size. Together with the help of our highly knowledgeable and very passionate staff, you can build the personalized ride that you have always dreamed of. From our famous Fixed-Gear and Singlespeed models KRZBERG and FHAIN up to the 8bar MITTE, a convertible all-road bike, you can check them out and ask us all the technical and non-technical questions.

Of course, we also repair 8bar bikes, and sell spare parts and accessories.

If you’re just visiting Berlin and like to get around on a fast and unique bicycle, we are happy to rent you one of our test bikes.

Last but not least you can get a damn good “Cycling Espresso”!

photos: Julien Balmer | visualspectrum