8bar X Selle San Marco Concor Saddle


The well known quality of the Selle San Marco Concor Racing saddle meets the 8bar sleek design.



The cooperation of Selle San Marco and 8bar gives you a saddle with well known quality of the Concor Racing saddle with the unique 8bar handwriting in a sleek design.

It’s a saddle that gives you a feeling of comfort since the very first use. The easy and aggressive shape combines comfortable seating with the ability to ride fast.

Additional information

Weight 0.24 kg


  • microfeel cover
  • carbon fiber reinforced shell
  • black manganese rails
  • biofam padding
  • weight: 204g
  • width: 134mm
  • length: 278mm


Germany – 5,- EUR

Europe – 14,90 EUR

Rest of the world – 50,- EUR

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