Kappstein Sprocket

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The Kappstein Sprocket was developed to realize a new design theory – the “round-teeth-design”. Due to the new design, it offers a lot of advantages.

One of the most obvious features of the Kappstein is the round teeth in comparison to conventional sprockets. Furthermore, the innovative sprockets are CNC machined by using only the highest quality stainless steel. The consequence of this new design is much higher longevity for the sprocket as well as the connected components.

In Addition to this, the new design leads to higher power transmission.

With the integrated holes (15T-19T) the product is also quite light, the 16T version for example only weighs 49 grams. A real high-class component.

The 8bar Team races the new “Pro Line” setup in fixed gear races across the world. Team rider Robert won the SBSB crit Berlin recently with the Kappstein “Pro-Line”.


  • Round-teeth-design
  • CNC machined
  • Laser engraved
  • Extreme longevity
  • Reduced wear & tear
  • Very high power transmission
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Application field: Track Cycling, Fixed Gear


Material:630er stainless steel
Chain Size:1/2" x 1/8" (standard track chain)
Teeth:13T, 14T, 15T, 16T, 17T, 18T, 19T
Thread:BSA/BSC 1,37" x 24 TPI

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