8bar Pathfinder – Volunteer


You want to become a part of the organisation team and participate for free?
To distribute the tasks we would meet in advance and see in detail what there is to do.

The tasks will include the following activities:
– Establishment/preparation base Camp
– Breakfast preparation
– Checkpoint support
– Reduction Base-Camp
– etc.

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As a volunteer you can ride your own bike to and from the event. However, you should start a little earlier on Friday so that we can prepare the base camp together. We need you on Saturday to take care of the checkpoints and evening preparations for the base camp. We also need 1-2 people who can travel a distance with the transporter there or back. However, they will also be able to cycle at least one distance. Details will be discussed in the Volunteers Meeting on 31.7.19 at 19:00h in the 8bar showroom.

The entry fee includes the following services:

– GPX-Track arrival Friday, 9th August 2019
– GPX-Track return journeySunday, 11th August 2019
– Luggage transport 8bar showroom to base camp Friday, 9th August 2019
– Luggage transfer base camp to 8bar showroom Sunday, 11th August 2019

The following meals / drinks are included:
– Dinner on Friday evening
– Breakfast (muesli and fruit) on Saturday morning
– Dinner on Saturday evening
– Breakfast (muesli and fruit) on Sunday morning
– Tap water, beer & apple juice spritzer
– Bananas and bars at the checkpoints


The slightly different Gravel Event from 9th to 11th August in the Berlin area.

No planned route. Just follow your instinct.

Imagine you and your friends riding with their bicycles through the woods. Suddenly one of your friends is missing. As you search for him, you find a navigation device without a map and a message:

“Follow the line of the navigation device to find the next checkpoint. Various tasks await you there. When you reach the last checkpoint after dusk, use your phone for navigation or call someone, your friend has to ride an e-bike for the rest of his life”.

Order of events:INFO


Friday // Arrival:

On Friday, 9th of August 2019 we will meet at 9am at the 8bar bikes Showroom. At 10am we will start towards the Basecamp. You can transport your equipment* on your bike or we will take it to the Basecamp* for you. The start will be in small groups, because we first have to ride through the city center. Where exactly the basecamp will be and how the track will lead you there, we will tell you via email on Wednesday, August 07th.

The journey to the basecamp on Friday is about 120 km long, starting at the 8bar showroom. If this is too much for you, you can travel half the way by train (ticket not included; cost incl. bike approx. 10 EUR) and then have only 60 km to go. If you have to work on Friday, you can arrive by train in the evening. The route will be as far away from the main roads as possible. Since the starting point is in the middle of Berlin, it is unfortunately not possible to ride without one or the other kilometre on the road.

Saturday // Pathfinder Day:

The main event will take place on Saturday. Each team will receive a wahoo navigation device. However, this does not contain a map, but only shows you the ideal line to the next checkpoint. You have to follow this line. Which ways you use is up to you. It is FORBIDDEN to use your own navigation device or mobile phone for navigating or telephoning. Since there are NO prizes anyway, you only spoil the fun for yourself.

There will be two lengths. The longer distance will be about 100 km as the crow flies. Which means with good “Pathfinder Skills” about 140 kilometers. The shorter distance will be about half as long.

It is not only about being fast, but also to find the shortest way to the goal. The placement will be done according to time / distance ratio. So if you are the fastest, but only on the road and therefore have the longest distance, you are probably somewhere in midfield. Much more important than any rating is having a good time with friends.

Sunday // Return:

After breakfast we will return to Berlin in small groups. We are happy to take your overnight luggage with us. You can pick it up from 14:00-20:00 pm in the 8bar showroom. Of course there is also the possibility to travel by train to shorten the route.


  • Team size: 3-6 riders (riders without a team will be assigned to a suitable team.)
  • At least 1 own navigation device per team for arrival/departure track
  • Each rider registers separately. Please pay attention to the correct spelling of the team when registering.

Routes & General Information:

For the arrival and departure we have chosen a route off the beaten track, as far as possible. However, you will be surprised how well the surrounding area of Berlin is suitable for gravel biking.

For Saturday it is up to you what route you take. Be fast on the asphalt or take the shortcut on the singletrail!

There will be a short variant for the main event and also for the arrival and for the departure. The short variant is also suitable for beginners. The longer version is only recommended for riders who have already taken longer tours of more than 100km on several occasions.

The track is not closed at any moment or secured by track marshals. The underground of the route varies between asphalt, gravel, forest paths and easy trails. A gravel or cyclocross bike is best for the trails.

On the way there are refreshment stations at the checkpoints to recharge your batteries.

The route plans for arrival and departure will be sent to all registered participants shortly before the event by e-mail as a GPX file.


The following meals / drinks are included:

  • Dinner on Friday evening
  • Breakfast (muesli and fruit) on Saturday morning
  • Dinner on Saturday evening
  • Breakfast (muesli and fruit) on Sunday morning
  • Tab water, beer & apple juice spritzer
  • Bananas and bars at the checkpoints

→ Take enough food for the arrival and departure as well as for the exit on Saturday from Berlin with you. The base camp is located in the forest and there is no supermarket nearby.


  • Gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike
  • helmet
  • lights
  • swimwear
  • 2 sets of bicycle clothing
  • replacement tube, multi-tool, pump, repair kit
  • 1x first aid kit per team
  • tent / sleeping bag / camping mat → We can transport it for you to the basecamp if needed.
  • own crockery (plate, cereal bowl, knife, fork, spoon, mug)
  • towel
  • sun and mosquito protection
  • other products for personal use

Base camp:

As a base camp we have chosen a campsite at the lake about 120km from Berlin. More we don’t tell you yet!


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