The 8bar rookies skinsuit is designed to reducing drag and effort so you can make up valuable time and feel fresh in the finale.

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Product Description

Designed in Berlin and proven by the 8bar Rookies in races all around the world.

Gaps between your shorts and your jersey basically act like miniature sails, catching wind and pulling you backwards while you lose valuable seconds. The adidas skinsuit is designed to eliminate these gaps, reducing drag and effort so you can make up valuable time and feel fresh in the finale.

To stop hems from flapping and slipping, the skinsuit features silicone bands at the legs and sleeves. The front zipper is small and low profile, to reduce drag and increase comfort.

The 8bar Rookies is the biggest fixed gear team in the world and counts more then 50 riders from over ten countries. It’s more than an amateur racing team, it’s an open and worldwide community of riders that share a passion for track bikes and racing.

Additional Information


2X Large, Large, Medium, Small, X Large, X Small


  • 80% Polyester / 20% Elastan
  • full zipper
  • silicone bands at the legs and sleeves
  • unisex race cut

Fit Chart

apparel sizing chart


apparel size body height weight
cm kg
X – Small 150-159 40-49
Small 160-169 50-64
Medium 170-179 65-74
Large 180-189 75-84
X – Large 190-199 85-100
apparel size body height weight
inch lb
X – Small 5’0-5’2 100 – 119
Small 5’3-5’6 120 – 141
Medium 5’7-5’10 142 – 163
Large 5’11-6’2 164 – 185
X – Large 6’3-6’6 186 – 220


Germany – 5,– EUR

Europe – 14,90– EUR

Rest of the world – 50,– EUR