BLN Edition - Cycling Bottle

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Berlin is a meaningful place for us at 8bar. This is where it all started – from the first idea to who we are today. This is where many of our friends live. This is how we name our bikes. To us this city is both – past and future. Berlin is vibrant. A multi-cultural capital with an awesome spirit. Us at 8bar felt like it is time for a tribute – a Berlin collection! That’s why we developed a clothing and accessoires line together with Berlin based designer Léon Giogoli. Wear it and feel the vibes of Berlin! The pattern includes the Berlin bear – the symbol of Berlin – and other elements you can often see in Berlin’s city surroundings.

500ml cycling bottle with lock system. A classic bottle that has been a favourite with the Pro Teams for many years thanks to its easy to squeeze material.


Colour:Blue - BLN Edition
Size:500 ml

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