BLN Edition - Cycling Bottle

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Berlin holds significant importance for us at 8bar. It’s where it all began – from the initial idea to what we’ve become today. Many of our friends call this city home. That’s why we name our bikes after it. For us, Berlin represents both the past and the future. It’s vibrant, multicultural, and brimming with a fantastic spirit. At 8bar, we felt it was time to pay homage to this city – thus, we’ve created a Berlin Collection! Collaborating with Berlin-based designer Léon Giogoli, we’ve developed a range of clothing and accessories. Wear them and feel the vibes of Berlin! The pattern features the Berlin Bear – the city’s emblem – along with other elements commonly found in Berlin’s surroundings.

The 500ml bike bottle comes with a closure system. It’s a classic bottle that has been popular among professional teams for many years, thanks to its easy-to-squeeze material.


Colour:BLN Edition – blue
Size:500 ml

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