74grad Pizza Front Rack

80,0060,00 EU: incl. VAT; excl. shipping / outside EU: excl. VAT; excl. shipping


The 74grad Pizza Rack front carrier from 8bar not only provides a sturdy and practical solution for transporting items on your bicycle but also stands out for its versatile adaptability. With its length- and angle-adjustable struts, the front rack can be mounted on almost any bicycle equipped with eyelets on the fork.

Whether you’re on long tours, running errands, or simply transporting your favorite pizza home, the Pizza Rack front carrier offers the perfect solution. Its robust construction and adjustable struts ensure that you can transport your load safely and securely.

Please note that mounting screws are not included. You should obtain these separately to easily attach the Pizza Rack front carrier to your bicycle and immediately benefit from its functionality.


Max. load capacity:10 kg
Weight:600 gr
Size:36cm x 27cm
x - distance fork holes (drawing above):23 – 38 cm