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GRAVELO100 SOCIAL RIDES 2024 will be hosted by local bike shops and cycling clubs. We will keep on updating this page and will add new rides every month.

  • After completion:

    • Official “8barGRAVELO 2024 100” patch.
    • Finisher bag with nice goodies from our sponsors.

How to participate

  • Register via our website for any SOCIAL Ride which you like.
  • You will get detailed information about the local ride after your registration.
  • Do a 100km gravel ride with group hosted by local bike shops and cycling clubs.
  • All Social Ride will be organized by our Partners and 8bar is not responsible for the route and organisation of the ride.
  • Attention! Registration for the Social Ride is obligatory.

Equipment recommendation:

  • Gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike
  • Helmet
  • Lighting
  • Repair requirements: spare hose, multi-tool, pump, repair kit first aid kit

Disclaimer of liability:

The 8bar GRAVELO100 2024 event is neither a race not a guided tour! The track is not closed at any time or secured by marshals. You are on the track on your own responsibility. 8bar bikes is not liable for your actions! Take care of your environment and fellow human beings.