8bar Bottle - Bikepacking - 900ml

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Bigger is better. Especially on long tours or when bikepacking you often cannot have enough liquid with you.

For this, there is now the 8bar Bikepacking bottle in XL format. With 900ml volume fit almost twice as much in the bottle in contrast to a conventional bike water bottle. Through the removable dust cover, you never again have dust in your mouth on your next gravel ride. If you use it for road cycling you can of course leave it at home.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this bottle holds well and securely in the hand, can be easily filled through a large opening and allows effortless drinking thanks to its generous flow rate. Its flexibility optimally adapts to the bottle holder and keeps it reliable in case of shocks. Of course, the material is 100% free of the plasticizer BPA and completely food safe.

Large, soft drinking valve with ease of use, high flow and excellent sealing. Easy to grip thanks to the more flexible material – 900 ml


Size:900 ml

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