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New 8bar bikepacking bags

Check out the new 8bar bikepacking bags – our bag line up just got a complete refresh! We looked into the details and gave our bags a makover. This includes a new elegant but fresh design and a sleek look, new waterproof nylon material, long living fasteners and highly water resistant zippers, last but not least – there are new products as well.

8bar Saddle Bag

8bar saddle bag The 8bar Saddle Bag comes with a large capacity of 13l which fits not only your sleeping gear but also additonal equipment: The elastic strap on top of the bag allows you to securely transport your rainjacket or anything else you maybe need quickly. To make the best possible use of the space in your saddle bag and to make packing as easy as possible, we had a valve attached to the bottom of the bag. This allows you to squeeze unnecessary air out of your bag and to close the roll top closure tightly. find out more cta

8bar Handlebar Roll

8bar handlebar roll detail The 8bar Handlebar Roll comes with a few usefull features. First of all: It is a multi-purpose bag that can be used as shoulder bag too! Just take the bag from the handlebar and attach the included shoulder strap with its snap hooks to the d-rings at the bag. What is more there are two zip pockets: The main one and a smaller outer pocket for the quickly needed items. Both are closed with a highly water resistant zipper. find out more cta

8bar Top Tube Bag

8bar Top Tube Bag The 8bar Top Tube Bag is made from hardwearing Nylon fabric, which is also waterproof. The panels are seamlessly welded together for a clean look, but also for extra protection against the elements. It has one pocket with a highly water resistant zip fastener. Three velcro straps, two for the frame and one for the head tube, make sure, that your bag sits safe on the frame and can be removed quickly as well. The design is elegant and simple and comes with a small 8bar bikes logo print on the side. find out more cta

8bar Frame Bag

8bar frame bag

The 8bar Frame Bag has a new, smaller design, so it will fit almost all bicycles. The velcro fastening straps allow the adjustment to different bicycle frame lengths. The frame bag is the right container for heavier items, like tools or your spare tube. Thanks to its side zip, you can easily access all the items inside your bag. find out more cta

8bar Dry Bag

8bar dry bag on the fork The extra lightweight 8bar Dry Bag is a multi-purpose roll top bag, made from water resistant fabric. The snap buckle closure is easy to open and close. Two D-Rings allow it to carry the bag with an additional strap. The bag has a 5 Liter capacity, which makes it the perfect size to attach it to an anything cage. The abrasion resistant nylon material has a sleek, simple look and comes with a small 8bar bikes logo print.find out more cta