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Hell Yeah… The weekly 8bar ClubRide is back!!!

After a year of abstinence it finally starts again. On June 22 it is finally happening… Our weekly clubride restarts. We meet at 18:00h and start at 18:15h from the 8bar showroom in Berlin Mitte. We ride four different routes.  (Gpx for download can be found below.) We ride fast but no racing speed. Beginners are also welcome. However, they should stay at the end of the group and not be offended if they don’t make it to the end the first time. So it is important that you find your way back on your own. Last but not least there will be a ranking this year. There is a Strava segment on every route. Before the segment we will stop with the group and everyone who wants to participate will ride individually. To be part of the ranking you have to join the 8bar club on strava

8bar showroom – Köpenicker Str. 100 – 10179 Berlin meet 18:00 /go 18:15.

Routes x Segments

WEST 22.6. / 20.7. / 17.8.  / 14.9. komoot-8bar-clubride-west strava-8bar-clubride-west NORTH 29.6. / 27.7. / 24.8. / 21.9. komoot-8bar-clubride-north strava-8bar-clubride-north EAST 6.7  / 3.8 /  31.8. / 28.9. komoot-8bar-clubride-east strava-8bar-clubride-east SOUTH 13.7 / 10.8. / 7.9. / komoot-8bar-clubride-south strava-8bar-clubride-south

Notes and rules

Everyone is responsible for themselves and rides at their own risk. 8bar bikes is not liable for damages. We ride according to the rules of the StVZO, therefore every bike must have two brakes. A helmet is mandatory and your bike should have two brakes. (No. A fixie does not have two brakes.) Please take a spare tube and a pump. Pay attention to your companions and please be considerate with each other. Please also familiarize yourself with the usual hand signals for road bike rides! These are very helpful for group rides. Moreover, obstacles or dangerous situations can be recognized early. Important hand signals: Indication of driving direction (right, left, straight ahead) Poles, waste water grids, heavy soiling on the roadway Cars that approach or overtake closely An indication of obstacles or directions can also be made by shouting loudly.


We would like to have some great memories and share it also with others on our Social Media channels. Feel free to add pictures to our google drive folder and add photo credits to the folder name. So we can tag you if we will post it on our channels. 8bar-clubride-google-drive


You have to join the 8bar Club on strava to be part of the ranking.

Here you can find the results in PDF format:


Men Women

Total Rankings:

Men Women Points system: We will give points according to the number of riders. The fastest four riders get bonus points (5, 3, 2, 1) . Example: If 20 riders sign up –> 1st = 20+5=25, 2nd = 19+3=22, 3rd = 18+2=20, 4th = 17+1=18, 5th = 16, 6th = 15, etc.