8bar team cyclists gravel road A race with high speed, adrenaline and thrills paired with the relaxed vibes of a coffee ride with friends? No Way! What sounds incompatible is the Grinduro series programme. Stefan Schott and Manuel Porzner from the 8bar Team, usually known for Fixed Crits and Urban Cycling, took part in the third edition of the Grinduro Scotland. A story by Manuel Porzner about adventure, trails, whisky and above all, lots of gravel.

Grinduro 2019 – off to “Miniature Scotland”

It is Friday afternoon when we push our bikes with the full bikepacking bags onto the CalMac-Ferry from Ardrossan. Push? Right, cycling is unfortunately not allowed on the ferry ramp. After having fortified ourselves with the Scottish national dish Steakpie in the canteen, we go to the deck. A cool westerly wind blows. In the twilight in front of us lies an island, which already from a distance lets assume breathtaking nature and exciting trails. It is the Isle of Arran, also called “Miniature Scotland” and the venue of the Grinduro Scotland. After arriving at Brodick harbour we get on our bikes and drive the 10 km to Grinduro Village in Lamlash. Careful, because the left-hand traffic is unusual and the legs are a bit heavy after the long journey. The Lamlash Highschool, where the Grinduro Basecamp is located, was converted for the event, as well as the football field of the local club. This serves as a campground and the sports hall as a location for the Art & Bike Gallery. Participants may choose the best custom bikes made especially for Grinduro. We pitch our tents and let the day end relaxed, so that we can start the coming Grinduro event day rested.