This year, we will start our rides on April 9th and ride with you until September 24, 2024.

Meet like-minded people and have a good time together on the bike. Like last year, there will be four different rides and a Strava segment where you can work out.

This year, we will start our rides on April 9th and ride with you until September 24, 2024.

We meet at 18:00h and start at 18:15h from the 8bar showroom in Berlin Mitte.

We ride four different routes: North, East, South and West. 

We ride fast but no racing speed. Beginners are also welcome. However, they should stay at the end of the group and not be offended if they don’t make it to the end the first time. So it is important that you find your way back on your own.

Last but not least, there will be a ranking at the end of every ride and at the end of the season. There is a Strava segment on every route. Before the segment, we will stop with the group and everyone who wants to participate will ride individually. Top 5 will receive a little reward at the end of the season. You should be fast, and you should join us regularly. To be part of the ranking you have to become a part of:

8bar showroom РKöpenicker Str. 100 Р10179 Berlin

meet 18:00 / go 18:15

Routes x Segments

Notes and rules

  • Everyone is responsible for themselves and rides at their own risk. 8bar bikes is not liable for damages. We ride according to the rules of the StVZO, therefore every bike must have two brakes.
  • A helmet is mandatory.
  • Your bike should have two brakes. (No. A fixie does not have two brakes.)
  • Take a spare tube and a pump.
  • Pay attention to your companions and please be considerate with each other.
  • Please also familiarize yourself with the usual hand signals for road bike rides! These are very helpful for group rides. Moreover, obstacles or dangerous situations can be recognized early.

Have fun! You 8bar Team