Welcome to the 8bar CLUB

2019 a new 8bar era starts.

2019 a new cycling community is being born.

2019 you can become part of it!

We are proud to announce the release of the 8bar CLUB!

All cyclists of any bike discipline are welcome to join.


Membership Benefits

If you are going to be part of our community you will always find someone to ride with. Either at our weekly club rides every Tuesday evening from 8bar showroom Berlin during summer or at our “member only” rides or events. Beside that you save on application fees to any 8bar hosted or sponsored cycling event, get special discount on all 8bar products and last but not least a new cycling kit annually.


Membership Fee

The membership fee for one year is 149,90 € and includes:

8bar CLUB bib shorts

8bar CLUB jersey

8bar CLUB cycling cap

8bar CLUB drinking bottle

free entry to all 8bar hosted events (e.g. Last One Standing8bar crit)

“members only” events throughout the season

special discount on all 8bar bikes and products

The 8bar club membership is valid until December 31st, 2019. It will be renewed automatically for the following year if we don’t get a notification from you. No worries… The membership can be cancelled at any time during the ongoing season for the following season.

8bar CLUB products

You can also buy the 8bar CLUB products separate without joining the 8bar CLUB, but don’t get the benefits mentioned above.


8bar CLUB jersey men



8bar CLUB jersey women


8bar CLUB bib shorts


8bar CLUB skinsuit


8bar CLUB cycling cap


8bar CLUB cycling bottle


Impressions from our weekly 8bar CLUB ride every Tuesday evening:


Marcus Rex (8bar club shooting)

Stefan Haehnel (8bar club weekly ride)

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