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The Definition of [ex·plore] /ikˈsplôr/ (verb) is to “Travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it.” This time the adventure begins at your doorstep. Just a few things packed up on two bikes and off they went. Read down below more about an inspirational journey […]

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8bar x Biking Borders – Cycling 15.000km for a good cause

  8bar is proud to be one of the main sponsors for Biking Borders. Max and Nono, the two faces behind Biking Borders are doing a trip from Berlin to Beijing – 15.000km of cycling – for a good cause.   But what is the motivation behind such a project? Well, both of them just […]

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Job offer bike mechanic

Du hast eine Affinität zum Fahrrad und willst dein Hobby zum Beruf machen? Du suchst einen abwechslungsreichen Job? DI2 und hydraulische Scheibenbremsen sind keine Fremdwörter für dich sondern zaubern dir ein Grinsen ins Gesicht?

Dann bewirb dich jetzt!!!

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