8bar MITTE v3 – one for all

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If you could only choose one bike, which one would it be?

What if there was a single bike that met all your needs?

A convertible bike that is light and fast on the road and just as reliable and agile on gravel?

A bike that can be easily converted from a sporty road bike for the road to a comfortable gravel bike for extended off-road and bikepacking tours?


May we introduce:

The 8bar MITTE v3  is here!

Whether you feel more at home on the road or prefer to ride through the woods off the beaten track, the 8bar MITTE v3 frame comes with numerous features that allow you to have everything you need on your bike.


How it works!

With our signature 8bar TWIST twist dropouts you can literally change the characteristics from a gravel to a road bike in no time.

Step A: Disassemble gravel wheels

Step B: Turn signature 8bar TWIST twist dropouts

Step C: Insert Road wheels

That’s it!

The conversion is simple and can be done by yourself.

It is not necessary to readjust the brake. The only requirement is that your road bike wheelset is equipped with 140mm and your Gravel wheelset with 160mm discs.


Packed full of great stuff!

Not too much and not too little. The 8bar MITTE is equipped with the most important, but still looks chic and is not perforated like a Swiss cheese with countless eyelets.

In addition to three bottle holders, the frame offers you the possibility to install fenders. For this, however, you need the Gravel fork in your selection.


More comfort = More fun!

 Tires up to 45mm width are no problem in the Gravel Setup. Should you install 27.5 “wheels are even 50mm possible. Beside that the lowered seat stays not only look good, but also increase comfort.


Power is everything!

8bar MITTE flipchip

With powerful hydraulic disc brakes, you’re perfectly equipped for demanding descents and trails.

Get yours now!

8bar MITTE v3 – 2in1 – Gravel x Road

Full flexibility is important to you? Then go for the 2-in-1 and change the geometry of your from a road to a gravel bike whenever you feel like it. Even if you spend many hours in the saddle and want to ride over gravel, forest tracks, asphalt or through mud and slush, the 8bar MITTE v3 will not disappoint you!
You decide which parts you need: choose fork, tires, wheels and more to create your perfect MITTE bike!

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8bar MITTE v3 – 2in1 – Road

The right choice if going fast on the road is the most important thing to you.

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8bar MITTE v3 – frameset

With the 8bar MITTE v3 frame set you decide 100% by yourself how your bike should look like in the end! Pick one of our standard colors or a custmo color for even more individuality! Design your 8bar MITTE as a gravel or road bike according to your wishes!

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photos: Stefan Haehnel

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