With the MITTE STEEL we developed an All-Road-Bike
made for the everyday adventure and more!

Steel frame, disc brakes, cage x bottle mounts and many other add-ons – just to name a few.

The 8bar MITTE steel is your everyday buddy made for urban commuters, nature lovers and bikepackers.

We chose steel, because is the most reliable and comfortable material to build a bike frame. We added multiple mounts to offer you the possibility to build up your dream bike.

MITTE STEEL urban // The commuter

You spend several hours on your bike every week and therefore you need a reliable and robust bike that is also comfortable and easy to maintain. Commuting is your time off. We want this time to be recharging and the least stressful. Choose your features:  fenders to protect you from dirt, internal geared to give you extra comfort, racks to carry your heavy bags and integrated lights to show you the way in the dark.


MITTE STEEL cross x adventure // The adventurer


You want to be flexible for all kinds of roads and trails. The world is your playground and with this bike there are no limits. The cage mounts allow you to add baggage or bottles to your bike and ride long-distance. The disc brakes are ideal for muddy, tough trails.


MITTE STEEL trekking // The all-rounder


This versatile set up allows you to ride on any roads and trails. It is the perfect workhorse and your best friend on long rides on the weekend.



MITTE STEEL singlespeed // The minimalist


Choose your MITTE STEEL singlespeed in the set up you need – CX or urban. This is your bike to ride on all-terrain trails or in the concrete jungle. It’s light and comfortable to ride – no gears, no problem!


Check out all the details of the

8bar MITTE STEEL frameset here.

With the MITTE STEEL frame you can build your own custom bike.




Authentic features and authentic design



Steel is robust, resilient and comfortable. It gives you the safety and confidence for your next trip. The classic and delicate tube design is timeless. It is both: beautiful and strong.


Disc brakes are the most effective brakes in any terrain. When roads get muddy and dirty your safety is guaranteed. Also, they do not wear off the rims of your bike and they have great endurance.



Cage mounts for racks and bottles that can be installed easily make this bike versatile for trekking, bikepacking or commuting. Fenders can also be installed! There are no excuses not to ride your bike anymore.


Put the slider in the front position and you will get a fast cyclocross bike with a propensity for speed. Put the slider in the rear position and you will get a comfortable gravel bike for long distance riding.


For all conditions and challenges

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Photos by: Stefan Haehnel

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