8bar at Schwarzwald Giro

8bar schwarzwald giro roadie road bike 003 - 8bar at Schwarzwald Giro

“The ride will cover roughly about 140km and 2500 meters of climbing – so do your training! It is not a race though, the fast guys wait on top of the climbs or turn around and go down again to pick up the slower people. No assholery tolerated!”
Philipp, Schwarzwald Giro (europeantouches)

Photos: Anna Logisch

The Schwarzwald Giro is a yearly ride organized by Philipp from Freiburg and a bike shop in Basel called Obst und Gemüse.

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One group starts from Freiburg, Germany and the other from Basel, Switzerland. After around 30km the groups meet and ride together a 80km ride in the black forest.

Stefan attended the ride with Gruppetto Berlin to test the 8bar Kronprinz roadbike on the roads of the black forest.

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Journal Stefan:

I always heard great stories about the black forest and that it is perfect for cycling. So I couldn’t wait until I got there…

I arrived one day earlier to join the Prolog ride and get to see something of the city of Freiburg. Freiburg is a nice town with friendly people and typical German architecture.

8bar schwarzwald giro roadie road bike 005 - 8bar at Schwarzwald Giro

As I already said my expectations were pretty high… but what was waiting for me there was even better than expected. Long climbs, fast downhills, nice roads, not much traffic and a beautiful landscape. I really fell in love with the black forest from the first second.

People from all over Europe came to join the ride. So I met Josh from Team RideUnicorn (Vienna, Austria), Larzh Wolvh and Fabi (Bern, Switzerland) and Sammy and Frank from Pristine (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

The ride was for all levels of cycling. Whenever there was a long uphill, the faster guys had to wait on the summit.  In general the atmosphere was pretty chilled and it was a lot of fun.

Thanks to the organizers and Biosk for the nice coffee stop in between!!!

Can’t wait to join it again next year!

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8bar schwarzwald giro roadie road bike 001 - 8bar at Schwarzwald Giro


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