Clean lines and minimalist design ensure a unique and perfectly tuned bike.

8bar is not just another bike company, 8bar is a manufacture. Each bike is a unique project developed by 8bar and you together.

The process is simple: put together your dream bike from selected high-quality bike parts. Then one of our bike-mad employees builds your bike from scratch with a lot of love.

The end result is always unique and reflects your taste 100%.

Stefan Schott, Founder / Managing Director:
“We only develop bikes that we want to ride ourselves. So you can be sure that we only use the best products and are passionate about what we do.”


Stefan S.

Founder / CEO

I compete in races for over 20 years now. Together with a collective of cycle-crazy friends, I brought my vision to life and established 8bar bikes. I'm responsible for the business management, corporate strategy as well as marketing conception. I enjoy fixed gear racing, road clubrides as much as gravel riding and bikepacking adventures. My fav bike is his 8bar MITTE because it's so versatile and he can use it for everything.
Sebbo E.

Sebbo E.

Purchase / Controlling

As a business graduate from Kreuzberg, working for a bicycle manufacturer in Berlin is just perfect! Actually, running is my passion – "My gears are my legs" and before 8bar my radius with the bike was about 5 km. Now a 100 km gravel ride is also possible – and it's fun! In the city, I prefer to ride the KRZBERG – it also looks the best!
Rob B.

Rob B.

Stock Management / Customer Support / B2B

The bicycle has determined my life for many years. Everything has to do with the bike, shopping, sport, holidays and also work. It started with the mountain bike in the 90s, but I ride everything, Singlespeed MTB, touring bike with panniers and retro road bike. My favourite thing is still MTB touring, but I'm totally blown away by my new 8bar PRENZLBERG as a fixie with Gates belt, wide handlebars, mudguards, pizza rack and studded tyres – a bike for everything in everyday life and more.
Tatiana M.


I truly believe that the bicycle will save the world. Responsible here for Marketing and good cheer. As a ex downhill rider I have a sincere love for the 8bar TFLSBERG, but with an interest in something new I look at 8bar NEUKLN. Although I think 8bar MITTE is the best bike for me in Berlin.
Andreas B.

Andreas B.

Media Designer

I love to let off steam creatively and meander through Berlin traffic with my Kreuzberg v7 from one culinary delight to the next.
Carsten L.

Carsten L.

Showroom Manager

For me, riding a bike means freedom and joy. Whether on an MTB in the Alps, on a race bike on the streets of Brandenburg or on a speed bike on the streets of Berlin; The main thing is to be on two wheels.
Stephan L.

Stephan L.

Storage / Shipping / Assembly

Riding my BMX and chilling together with friends at skate parks. My main bike is 8bar KRZBERG V7 in the streets of Berlin.