Welcome to the 8bar Community – where the passion for two wheels becomes a shared inspiration!

8bar bikes is not just a bicycle brand. We started as friends riding our fixed-gear bikes through Berlin and then over the Alps. Over the years, we have embraced other cycling disciplines and united people of different ages, temperaments, and abilities – all with a passion for cycling.

Who are we?

The 8bar Community is made up of us and YOU! Ordinary riders, united by a love of bicycles, who find joy in setting and overcoming new cycling challenges together.

In the 8bar Community, we see ourselves as one big cycling family. We are open to everyone who is ready to share experiences, help each other, motivate, and enjoy cycling moments together!

What awaits you!

In 2024, we got a lot of nice events waiting for you. Do a grave ride alone or with friends at our 8bar GRAVELO, join one of our weekly Community Road Rides or take part in our 8bar OVERNIGHTER bikepacking adventure to Poland on 6-7. July.

How to be part of it?

In the 8bar Community, we value everyone who supports us and rides with a smile on their face. Together, we create a unique community united by a passion for cycling.

If you like, you can purchase some of our 8bar Community gear here, but it’s not necessary to be part of us.

Just join our rides and events and have a great time.

Become part of the 8bar Community, where your cycling adventures become part of our shared story.

You can follow our 8bar Community on Instagram and share your adventures with us using #8barCommunity.

If you already have an 8bar bike and want to share your experiences and spirit with us, you can fill out this form to showcase yourself.

Welcome to our cycling community, where everyone makes new friends and experiences inspiring moments in the saddle of your 8bar.

8bar Community is us!

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