Are you an enthusiastic gravel biker, always in search of new adventures?

Do you dream of multi-day bikepacking tours in the great outdoors?

Your current gravel bike lacks the necessary attachment points for that, and to be honest, those 40mm-wide “gravel tires” of yours don’t provide much fun off the beaten path when loaded with luggage, do they?

If you find yourself yearning for more off-road adventures, it’s high time to explore the captivating world of true bikepacking with the 8bar TFLSBERG V2!

With added tire clearance, specialized mounting points, and a thoughtful construction, the 8bar TFLSBERG V2 offers the ultimate bikepacking experience.

Compromises are a thing of the past. The 8bar TFLSBERG V2 allows for wider tires, enhancing the thrill of riding. Thanks to its robust frame construction, conquering unfamiliar terrain is effortless. Its tapered tubes make it lightweight and agile on rough paths. The meticulous design ensures secure storage for all your gear.

So, what are you waiting for? The boundless world of bikepacking awaits you – accompanied by your faithful 8bar TFLSBERG V2! Saddle up, pack your bags, secure them tight, and set off on your adventure.

8bar TFLSBERG Steel V2 – BIKEPACKING 2.0 – Dropbar

With the dropbar handlebar you’ll enjoy optimal aerodynamics and speed on paved roads. But that’s not all – it also provides a super comfortable grip position, perfect for long days on gravel paths and off-road trails!

8bar TFLSBERG Steel V2 – BIKEPACKING 2.0 – Flatbar

Equipped with a flatbar, reminiscent of classic MTB bikes from the past, it adds a touch of familiarity and enhances your control on every twist and turn. Combine it with a reliable suspension fork, and you have the perfect recipe for comfortable long-distance travel, enabling you to conquer diverse terrains with ease.

8bar TFLSBERG STEEL V2 – Frameset

Unleash your creativity and design a bike that’s uniquely yours. Experience the joy of riding a truly personalized 8bar TFLSBRG Steel.



The TFLSBERG V2 features a geometry for loooong days in the saddle, providing a relaxed and comfortable riding position. Unlike our Gravel Allrounder, the 8bar MITTE, this bike ensures you’ll enjoy every Kilometer with ease, as you embark on unforgettable adventures!


The TFLSBERG V2 is a beverage oasis, ensuring you have enough liquid to keep you going. With space for up to five (or nine if you count the Anything Cage mounts on the fork and rear frame) bottle cages. In addition to the conventional positions in the frame triangle, it offers two more on the side and an extra one on the downside of the down tube.


Alongside the usual eyelets on the fork, we’ve added two more mounting options on the frame and fork, providing space for four Anything Cages. This ingenious setup ensures a balanced weight distribution across the entire bike, bringing the center of gravity down. The result? Compared to a conventionally packed Gravel Bike, you’ll experience much more fun on the trail, with enhanced stability and agility to conquer any terrain with ease!


Your comfort is our priority on those longer tours! That’s why the TFLSBERG V2 comes with curved seat stays, providing you with increased flex for a smoother ride. This thoughtful design also prevents your luggage, attached to the seat stays, from coming into contact with your heels.


At 8bar Bikes, we firmly believe that bigger is better! While 27.5″ tires may have been the go-to choice in the past, we’ve set a new benchmark with the TFLSBERG V2 – 29″ tires are now the way to go! If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with a fully loaded 40mm “gravel tire” on a rooted trail, then you’ll truly appreciate why we designed the TFLSBERG V2 to accommodate up to 29×2.25″ tires or 27.5×2.8″ tires.


The TFLSBERG is purpose-built for off-road bikepacking adventures. We know that these tours can subject your bike to extreme loads, so we’ve reinforced the head tube area and used tubes with thicker wall thicknesses in the weld area. To ensure it can handle the challenges you’ll face on your journey. With this robust construction, you can ride with confidence, knowing that your TFLSBERG is ready to take on any terrain!


Thanks to our specially prepared cable guide, you can easily install a dropper seatpost on the TFLSBERG. This fantastic feature allows you to adjust your saddle on the go, adapting to various terrain conditions during your tour.

Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom that comes with a bike purpose-built for bikepacking expeditions. The TFLSBERG is your passport to boundless exploration, designed to tackle any terrain with ease.

Photos: Stefan Haehnel