The 8bar MITTE is the most versatile bike on the market. Why? Because you can convert it from a road bike to a gravel bike in the blink of an eye, meaning you need fewer bikes. That’s not marketing blah blah, that’s fact. From a business perspective, it makes more sense to sell you two bikes. But we think it’s more important to conserve our scarce resources and that’s why we launched the MITTE.

After the MITTE has been successfully placed on the market for several years in the aluminum as well as steel version, it was time for the titanium version.

Why? Titanium is simply the perfect material for an all-round bike, as it combines lightness with comfort and is intended for eternity.

How it works!

With our signature 8bar TWIST twist dropouts, you can literally change the characteristics from gravel to a road bike in no time.

Step A: Disassemble gravel wheels
Step B: Turn signature 8bar TWIST twist dropouts
Step C: Insert Road wheels
That’s it!

The conversion is simple and can be done by yourself. It is not necessary to readjust the brake. The only requirement is that your road bike wheelset is equipped with 140mm and your Gravel wheelset with 160mm discs.

8bar MITTE Ti V1 – 2in1 – GRAVEL x ROAD

Full flexibility is important to you? Then go for the 2-in-1 and change the geometry of your from a road to a gravel bike whenever you feel like it. You decide which parts you need: choose fork, tires, wheels and more to create your perfect MITTE bike!

8bar MITTE Ti V1 – ROAD

The right choice if going fast on the road is the most important thing to you. Configure your 8bar MITTE Ti bike now with our bike configurator. 

8bar MITTE Ti V1 – Frameset

With the 8bar MITTE Ti frame set you decide 100% by yourself how your bike should look like in the end!

Design your 8bar MITTE Ti as a gravel or road bike according to your wishes!



More comfort = More fun

Tires up to 45mm wide at 28″ and 50mm at 27.5″ are no problem in the Gravel setup. Titanium is also the most comfortable frame material and the preferred material for long distance riders.

Power is everything!

With powerful hydraulic disc brakes, you’re perfectly equipped for demanding descents and trails.

Aero & sleek look

Fully-internal cable routing, not only gives your bike a much cleaner look but also prevents dirt from getting stuck on your bike. We have decided to completely abandon the possibility of mounting mechanical groupsets. This makes the look even cleaner without ugly soldering points and empty cable inputs and outputs.

Photos: Stefan Haehnel