The slightly different cycling event from June 18 – 19 in the Berlin area.

No planned route. Just follow your instinct.

Enjoy the ride, we take care of the rest.

Grab your gravel bike, come with friends and enjoy the experience!

This year we have two different tickets available.

Ticket A

49 EUR*

Saturday – You get everything you need for Saturday including Luggage transport to the destination, food, finisher package, GPX track, etc. (Details below) 

How you get back on Saturday night is up to you. The last train from the stop Brand / Tropical Island (13km from Stork Whiskey Distellerie) leaves at 23:42h.

Ticket B

79 EUR*

Saturday & Sunday – Same as Option B plus place to camp, breakfast and luggage transport back to Berlin. (Details below)

Saturday // 8bar Pathfinder Day

On Saturday, June 18 we meet at 9:00h at the 8bar bikes showroom, have a coffee and go by bike to Blankenfelde. If you don’t feel like 25 km of city traffic you can meet us at S Blankenfelde at 10:30h.

You can put your luggage into the van at the 8bar showroom or at S Blankenfelde.

The first few kilometres will be done as a whole group before you start your adventure in small groups.

On the previous evening of the event, you will receive a GPX track with planned partial segments. Between the segments, the route is not fixed and you have to decide which way to take to get to the next segment. 

The route must be taken 1 to 1. It is FORBIDDEN to plan the route between the segments in advance. We will check this at the start.

Below is a short excerpt to see what the GPX track will look like. Segments 1 and 2 are fixed. The dashed line is only a connection between the two segments. Here you have to find your own way. If you still understand the station, don’t worry. For the first kilometres we will ride together as a group.

The event is contested as a team of 3-6 riders. If you don’t have a team, it’s not a problem. We will assign you a suitable team.

You decide if you want to ride the 8bar Pathfinder as fast as possible or if you just want to enjoy a relaxing time on your bike. More important than any rating is having a good time with friends.

The distance will be between 80-100 km depending on the route you choose. 

The destination of the 8bar Pathfinder is on the grounds of the STORK CLUB Whiskey Distillery, Dorfstraße 56, 15910 Schlepzig.

Here we will have dinner with pizza/pasta and, if required, a guided tour of the Stork Whiskey Distillery.

Ticket A can go back by train from Brand / Tropical Island. (The last train leaves at 23:43.)

We will end the evening around the campfire.

Please bring a tent, sleeping bag & sleeping mat. We will take care of the luggage transfer from the showroom to the distillery.

Sunday // Back to Berlin (package B only)

We will have some nice breakfast and afterwards we will go back in small groups. The route is completely planned here and is a total of about 80km (with S-Bahn from Königs Wusterhausen 50km). Overnight luggage we take along with pleasure again. You can pick it up from 14:00-18:00h in the 8bar showroom.


– Team size: 3-6 riders (riders without a team will be assigned to a suitable team.)

– At least 1 own navigation device per team

– Each rider registers separately.

– Questions about team, eating habits, level of riding, etc. will be asked after the registration is closed.


We have chosen a route that goes as far as possible off the beaten track. 

The route is not closed or secured by marshals at any moment. The route will consist of a mixture of asphalt, gravel, forest paths and easy trails. A gravel or cyclocross bike is best suited for these trails. The routes will be sent to all registered participants* via email as a GPX file shortly before the event.


– GPX-Tracks 

– On the way there is a refreshment station to refuel energy.  

– Luggage transport on Saturday from Berlin to Stork Whiskey distillery 

– Luggage transport on Sunday from Stork Whiskey distillery back to Berlin (B only)

– Finisher Package incl. 200ml of personalised whiskey bottle “8bar x Gruppetto Cycling” for each participant and other goodies from our sponsors  

– Whiskey distillery guided tour on Saturday evening  

– Swimming in the Köthener Lake (on your own, if desired) ; 15 minutes by bike away –> Saturday afternoon for refreshment or Sunday morning for waking up 

– Place to camp (B only)


– Coffee before departure 

– Dinner on Saturday evening / Pizza & Pasta 

– Breakfast on Sunday morning (B only)

– Soft drinks from our partner Schweppes, coffee, non-alcoholic beer, water (alcoholic drinks against payment) 

– Bananas and bars at the checkpoint 


– Gravel bike

– Helmet

– 2 sets of cycling clothes

– Spare tube, multi-tool, pump, repair kit

– 1x first aid kit per team

– Tent / sleeping bag / sleeping mat → we can transport to basecamp for you if needed

– Towel

– Sun and mosquito protection

– Other products of personal need



Registration is limited.

The registration deadline is June 12. 



By the way, with your participation in the 8bar Pathfinder event, you do something good! Your ridden kilometres on Saturday will be credited.

Every single one counts 0,50€ to the donation sum of up to 1,000€ to Ride4peace with the help of cooperation partner 8bar bikes and Stork Whiskey!

To be part of it, just register on Komoot follow 8BAR BIKES and  GRUPPETTO CYCLING CLUB.

After your Saturday ride, upload your ride to komoot and invite 8BAR BIKES and GRUPPETTO CYCLING CLUB to join you.

Ride a bike and do good at the same time, what more could you want 😉