8bar cyclists in the woods Juliane takes us on a journey with her team Kompass:

Team compass on the trail of the triangle

It was 8bar Pathfinder day: We were standing in the middle of the forest when the still visible part of the path suddenly ended. Uncertain, we looked around? Where do we go now? The only recognizable path led in the direction we had just come from. But turning back? That was not an option at first. That looked like a kind of hiking trail back there, didn’t it? But the line on the navigation device was further west. Should we dare anyway? Two of our group members had a compact Wahoo navigation device attached to the handlebars. They were supposed to help us find the right route to get to the first checkpoint of the day. But there was a problem: there were no maps on the device. We only followed one line, a triangle, which showed our daily route as the crow flies. But no place names or streets were displayed, which could give us a hint. We had to find our own way and it wasn’t always straight. We got on the gravelbikes again and fought our way through the thick, rustling leaves. It became more hilly, more confusing. Branches got stuck in the spokes and rear derailleur. Some trunks were too big to ride over. We got off and finally pushed and lifted from time to time our broad tired bicycles over an obstacle.